Christmas Countdown 2013

I am so excited for the Christmas Countdown this year. Josh, Ryan, and I have done this before. However, last year I was very overworked, depressed, and not in the Christmas spirit so Josh and I did not really do a Christmas Countdown.

I have been ready for a while to do this and finally put it up on the wall :)

For those of you that do not know what the Christmas Countdown is I will explain…

We write down 24 things to do around Christmas time. Some of these things involve movies, traveling, or anything you can think of! Everyday we have to do something that you want to do around Christmas time. Some of these things have to be on certain days like Christmas parties or going to the Zoo lights. I place those things in the calendar. Everything else we want to do is mixed up so we have no idea what we are doing. It’s a nice surprise.

We usually draw a card the night before to see what we are doing the next day so we can plan accordingly.

I know I am a little kid at heart and it is so much fun!!!!

Here we go ….


Marriage License

After almost a year Ryan finally signed the marriage license!!! He has been complaining and wanting to sign it and we finally remembered!!!

20130501_211628 20130501_211636











20130501_212008 20130501_211928












Hubby’s Birthday Party

The Hubby Turns 26!


I decided to make some interesting (to say the least) food for his birthday.  Ryan and Amber came over to play games with us.


I decided to make a Star Wars themed party.  First thing was the food….

20130315_153828 20130315_153835











Here are the tags I made for all the food.  I just attached card stock to the back of the pictures. Then it was off to the foods.  Now I know these are awful.  Next time I will try and be much better lol.

20130315_192912 20130315_192919 20130315_192937

20130315_192948 20130315_192957 20130315_194221


20130315_194226 20130315_195219 20130315_195224

Sorry the pictures are hard to see.  Everything has a name themed around star wars.  From the Yoda Soda to the Palpatine’s Pizza! I hope Josh liked it.  I know how much he is in love with Star Wars just wanted to make his birthday a little special.

Here is the close of up the cake and him making his wish :)

20130315_192932 20130315_203347









20130315_203732_17 20130315_203731_12











It was so much fun. I know we had way way way to much food but oh well :)

We then played games all night long… Here are a few snapshots …

20130315_210936_7 20130315_210935_1 20130315_210405

 Overall a great evening.  Happy 26th Birthday to the man of my dreams :) 


A Night Out

Last night was a great night out with friends.


We started the evening meeting Amber for the first time. We went out to eat at TJ Chumps.  I have not been there in so long, it was delicious!

We then went to Scene 75 for the first time.  It is an entertainment place only about 10 minutes from our house.

Scene 75 has miniature glow in the dark gold…




20130301_222738_1 20130301_222705_1 20130301_222627_6











20130301_225332 20130301_223230









Arcade/Casino games….



A Bar…..

20130301_222242 20130301_215827


20130301_233512_13 (1) 20130301_233512_13









20130301_233512_2 20130301_233512_12









Plus lots more!! There was food, laser tag, bouncy house, and many other things.  I did not take pictures of everything :)


Great evening out with the best people in the world!








New Years

This year for New Year’s Eve was the first year we did not have a party.  It was very nice to just have a relaxing evening.

Josh, Ryan, and I went out to dinner at T.G.I. Fridays (which is my absolute favorite).





















We then came back to the house Ryan was the best and took a family picture of us with the babies (Dakota and Blitz).  This was a hassle! Blitz would not get close enough then Dakota was being a butt and making her face at him and then we had a few fights and you know how it usually goes from there.  But through all of that we did get  a few pictures :)

We then played many games, watched television, got starbucks, and talked about the performers on Blixir.






























I opened the champagne bottle and did not make a mess.


















We watched the ball drop, I kissed my sweetheart, and ended a great night with friends!





























Happy New Year

2012 Review

This year had so many ups and downs. I married my best friend (Josh Cope) in July.  We were great friends before we dated which is perfect because we were able to know and find everything out about each other before we worried about what the other thought.  This was the best day of my life.  Everything was perfect.  The weather ended up great and I had a great time.  After this I also got a new last name! It is so hard remembering and relearning how to write your name.  Due to me not having to sign my name a lot I will still mess up writing it :)

At the wedding I had one of the best times with my dad.  We had a nice long walk down to meet my future husband.  I can remember every step of the way and everything we said to each other.  It was one of the greatest father daughter moments in my life.

I became part of a new family (Laura Cope, Steve Cope, Steph Cope-Sprouse, Robby Sprouse).  I got another best friend and sister all in one.  My mom is happy she did not have to have another child for me to have a sister :)  She and I clicked.  It is great I found a husband with a sister that  I would consider  my own without him :p.  They have all welcomed me into the family and their home with loving arms.

Another great memory from this year is that we bought our first home!  We searched and searched a lot of homes and finally found one that us and the dogs would love. We are still making it our own and I love every step of the way.

Also this year my father  found the girl of his dreams (Brooke Rummell-Horsley) and are now engaged. We have also gotten closer this year, which is something I continue to hope for as they start their family.  I am so happy for them at this time in their lives.

I also have some great friends.  Megan Pummill is now enagaged as well and will be married in April, I can not wait to share in their day with them in April.  Ryan helps us our so much with the babies (Dakota & Blitz)  :) and we appreciate everything he has done.  He is our best friend and happy he likes us :P.  Megan Uhrig and Kasey Parks we do not see as much but I love them very much.  Joel Parker has also had an exciting year and can not wait to meet his new girlfriend and visit them!

I also became closer to my one and only Nana :)  She is a blessing to me.  She has helped me and given us anything we needed.  I love her very much.

My mom (Kim Good Puckett) has also been by my side throughout this whole process and everything I have ever needed. She has always been my best friend.  Anytime I am feeling sad, needing someone to talk to, or have some good news she is the first one that I call.  I am so glad I can call my mother my best friend.  She has given everything to Josh and I to start a home and to have the most perfect wedding ever.  She is the best!

Throughout all of these good times with my great family and friends. This year has had one time I would do anything to change. I lost my Gampy towards the beginning of the year. I would have given anything to keep him here. This was one of the hardest times of my life.  We just celebrated my birthday at their home and a couple weeks later he was gone.  I have so many memories of him and I wanted to have so many more.  I wanted him at the wedding and I know that is selfish but I did.  I know he was there that day but it was not the same.  I am happy he is in heaven watching over me every day and hope he knows how much I loved him and wish I was able to tell him that one more time.

Looking forward to 2013! Can not wait to see what the year will bring for our family and my friends :)